Heads up! Cybercrime is on the rise and they're targeting small businesses like yours.

We didn't know how timely the content would be when we planned the winter issue of Flackery, but once we started talking to experts and researching articles, we realized just how dangerous a hack could be for a small business owner.  

  • Downtime while your systems are offline
  • Fines & lost income
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Legal culpability
  • Angry customers
  • Lost data & more

It may not feel like your small company would be a profitable target for hackers, but it is.

Any company that has personal or proprietary data or has equipment they can use to spread viruses or denial of service attacks is fair game.  

To put it another way, just about every business has something the cybercriminals want, and it takes very little effort for them to get it. 

The good news is it only takes is a little preparation and awareness to foil the bad guys.

You've worked hard all year to grow your business, don't let hackers steal YOUR Christmas cheer.

Not sure where to start? Check out the latest issue of Flackery magazine for information about managing your company's cybersecurity. 

There's no way to make your business completely hacker-proof, but there are a lot of affordable things you can do to reduce your risk and be prepared if the worst happens. 

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